Thursday, 29 September 2011


while o-o was a l-man's yesterday i was a whirling dervish of activity preparing screens and cutting paper in readiness for starting work on a new print. completely soaked myself using the pressure washer to clean the screens, next time i must remember to don my yellow trawlerman waterproof dungarees and wellingtons. did a couple of paint testers on the kraft paper, i prefer the matte surface (on the left in the photo), what do you think? 
 it's a lovely day in brighton, skies are blue and the sun is hot-hot-hot. i spent half an hour under that sun wheeling son-shine up and down our street in his pushchair to get him to sleep. i fear that he may be on the verge of dropping the nap, yikes, my blogging days could be numbered....

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