Tuesday, 6 September 2011

a rainy day

l-man is with us today and it's raining. we spent the morning confined to the house, twiddling our thumbs, brumm-brumming cars about and (loosely) sorting the toy animals by species. then o-o and l-man decided to cosy up in o-o's cot with pajama ted and knitted bear. 

o-o put both teddies to bed with plenty of blankets. i love knitted ted's wonky smile, he was made by my welsh gran

as cabin fever began to set in l-man suggested we venture out to the secret playground despite the rain. everything was very soggy and there was a small amount of squabbling over the spinner. 

tomorrow o-o is going round to l-man's house to play. i'm going to print some old lady swearwords, any special requests colourwise?  i also need to pick up sticks and make a new baby gift for our lovely ex-neighbour who has just celebrated the arrival of her fourth tiddler. i'm planning to make a 'helmet' using a (very) vintage pattern, bought on ebay, which utilises a satisfyingly zig-zaggidy construction, i'll show you what i mean once it's underway.

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