Thursday, 8 September 2011

old lady swearwords - new colours!

yesterday, while o-o hung out with b and l-man, i donned my inky printmaking/canoeing jeans and set about printing some old lady swearwords. thankfully no one was around to witness the horrifyingly disorganised process; discarded balls of masking & parcel tape everywhere, tea spoons used to mix ink in old (rinsed!) food tins and milk cartons, precariously balanced mugs of brew, bathroom towels used to mop  soggy screens, wet prints drying on every available surface and other trip hazards too numerous to list here. time flies when i'm making stuff, i love it so...

what was your granny's swearword of choice? mine used to say 'duw duw' (which i later learned means 'god, god' in welsh) when we tested her patience (by knocking the pebbledash off the house with a tennis ball etc). she must have said it a lot because as a tiny tiddler i actually called her grandma duw duw!

red, green, grey and light blue versions are for sale in my etsy and folksy shops now.

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  1. Love this! Too funny! My granny will call you a doofus when she's upset with you- makes me laugh!


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