Thursday, 22 September 2011

some treasures

o-o and i did a little late afternoon charity shopping yesterday. we spent the princely sum of £2.40 and came away with some treasures. a few 1970s children's books including one called 'grandfather ben' by someone called eva scherbarth. i love the limited colour palette, the detail of the line work and the strange perspective. the story is quite downbeat but it ends with grandfather ben smoking a pipe on his own, not the kind of denouement you see in modern children's stories. doesn't their house on a hill look like a nice place to live?
a wooden tray puzzle with a transportation theme. i love it but might put it in the etsy vintage shop, as it's very likely that pieces will go missing if it stays in our house... good illustrations and a lady on a bicycle who we decided might be my friend helen.
she too has curly hair and is often to be found on two wheels. here she is with a chubby faced me in the days of proper photo booths.
helen is a very talented upholsterer. have a gander at her website (fashioned by me, i even did some tinkering with that there HTML code, what a geek).


hello, thanks for taking the time to comment. i love reading them. x

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