Tuesday, 20 September 2011

ideas brewing

i've spent rather too much of o-o's nap time making my first animated gif following these instructions on this nice blog say yes to hoboken. scheck it out! need to keep the camera in the exact same position for maximum effectiveness but i like it none the less.

i've started a new sketchbook, a bit like running across a garden of crispy white virgin snow in your wellies. i think margaret said she tapes the first pages together, unused, to avoid that first-page-of-a-new-sketchbook paralysis. do you have any new sketchbook rituals?

i've got a couple of ideas brewing. this morning we went into town to source some bright paint. have been up cyber hill and down cyber dale trying to find thick kraft paper to no avail, think i might go with the 90gsm wrapping paper i spotted on ebay as it's a heavier weight that the stuff in the art shop and much cheaper...


  1. Hello hello, love it! Agree re. camera position, the animals need to be steady ... also, too fast? I can't see what he's holding - is it a bird? How heavy do you want your craft paper? The boy bought 180gsm at our local art supply shop, I could get you some? or do you want Kraft paper as in brown? XX

  2. it is a bird, one you bought for me in fact! i didn't take the photos with the gif thing in mind, next time will plan it better. i need brown 'kraft' paper. i've actually ordered of the 90gsm, am hoping the right stuff as it's a 100m roll...

  3. A recent sketchbook ritual for me is when I get stuck in a rut I make a view finder and tape it over the first page of a small A5 sketchbook, I then do lots of doodles, scribbles, marks and lines with anything I've got to hand in the window of the view finder. I do this on every page and force myself to complete the sketchbook in one go! That way I get out of a rut and get rid of those scary white page moments x

  4. oh I remember that bird now! how nice!

  5. wowzers sarah, a whole sketchbook in one go! it can take me a year to fill one up (and then at other times i whizz through them really quickly but never in one sitting). i LOVE looking at other people's sketchbooks, but then i'm very nosy. x


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