Wednesday, 14 September 2011

chewing gum grey

i've come to the conclusion that a slap dash housewife like me shouldn't have white bathroom towels. all of our once white bathroom towels have turned a depressing chewing gum grey and look like something that might, in a more civilised house, only be used to dry the dog. so o-o and i stomped into town this morning and, with the profits from recent print sales, purchased a new set of towels in a pleasing dark grey, they will not show the dabs, hurrah! i might supplement them with a few of these lovely peshtemals.


  1. I too thought all white towels would be a good choice- anyone who peeks into my bathroom can see that clearly I was mistaken, dark grey sounds like it would be the perfect replacement!

  2. hi katherine, the reality of life with white towels is indeed very far from the dream of luxurious snowy fluffiness... join me in going (dark) grey gracefully! x x x x


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